Looking for Lenin в Новое Время!

Looking for Lenin в Новое Время!

Иностранные журналисты выяснили, где находится свалка истории — то есть куда переместились памятники вождю мирового пролетариата после ленинопада по всей Украине. 

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Кристина Бердинских. 

фото — Нильс Аккерман / lundi13 / fuel publishing

Летом 2015‑го швейцарский фотограф Нильс Аккерман, разговаривая с французским журналистом Себастьяном Гобером, невзначай задался вопросом: “А где же Ленин с Бессарабской площади в Киеве?” Оба иностранных журналиста, находившихся во время Евромайдана в украинской столице, видели, как памятник советскому вождю повалили участники протестов в декабре 2013 года. То, куда потом делся монумент, не знал никто.

Тогда Аккерман и Гобер решили выяснить судьбу не только бессарабского Ильича, но и других изваяний, снесенных после революции по всей Украине. В целом было снесено.

Читайте больше: http://magazine.nv.ua/article/post/65064-kuda-uekhal-lenyn

Looking for Lenin on France 24

Interview on the « Looking for Lenin » project, aired on France 24, 21/07/2017

For decades of Soviet empire, statues of founding father Vladimir Lenin presided triumphantly over city squares and parks. When the USSR collapsed in 1990, thousands of Lenin statues remained on their pedestals, including 5,500 in Ukraine alone. Today, not a single one remains standing in Ukraine. Our guest, Kiev-based journalist Sébastien Gobert, tells the story of what happened to these statues in his new book « Looking for Lenin », co-authored with photographer Niels Ackermann.

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Watch the interview here

BBC: Video on Looking for Lenin

Video report published on the BBC World Service website, on 05/07/2017

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What has become of the thousands of fallen Vladimir Lenin statues in Ukraine? Two years ago the country’s government banned images, symbols and statues connected to Ukraine’s communist past – and people there have responded with great creativity.

Some statues have been turned into public works of art, some have simply ended up in shop windows and one has even been remade into an effigy of Darth Vader.

‘Looking for Lenin’ is a book by photographer Niels Ackermann and writer Sebastien Gobert. Dan Damon asked what their project tells us about contemporary Ukraine.

(Photo: Statue of Lenin. Credit: Niels Ackermann / Lundi13 / Fuel publishing)

Looking for Lenin at « Rencontres de la photographie – Arles 2017 »!

As excited as ever to make it official: Looking for Lenin (AfterLenin) will be a part of Les Rencontres de la photographie, ArlesNiels Ackermann and I will be waiting for you all, starting from 3rd July!

« It’s our way to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution », organiser Sam Stourdzé has declared upon announcing the official program. We will do our best to be up to the challenge)

Learn more here: http://www.rencontres-arles.com/fr/expositions/view/144/niels-ackermann-sebastien-gobert

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National Geographic: See the Bizarre Places People Stash Old Lenin Statues

Article on the project « Looking for Lenin », published in National Geographic, 24/02/2017

Did you know Vladimir Illych Lenin was « only » 1,65 meter-tall? Yet a hundred years ago he was shaking the world. Over the course of the 20th century, monuments to his glory would be made outsized and impressive. Until this moment, when they fell down and disappeared.

Now Lenin kind of rises again – in National Geographic! As you know Niels Ackermann and I have been wandering across Ukraine for many months to look for toppled monuments and document their fate. Our « Looking for Lenin » project researches Ukraine’s decommunisation process and its impact. Many thanks to Sarah Stacke to understand it so well in her text!

This publication allows us to announce the upcoming publication of our book on the project: « Looking for Lenin » will be available worldwide this summer. Published by FUEL Design & Publishing and a French language edition by Éditions Noir sur Blanc ! Foreword by Myroslava Hartmond)

As excited as we are, it seems this is only the beginning… More news coming soon. Hence don’t to like and follow our Facebook AfterLenin page (which will soon be renamed Looking for Lenin) to keep updated!


“I’d say on average it’s one week of work for one Lenin,” says photographer Niels Ackermannn of the project, “Looking for Lenin.” Jointly produced with French journalist Sebastien Gobert, the series currently includes images of 70 different statues of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin that were toppled in Ukraine’s quest to rid the landscape of Soviet symbols.

That’s about 490 days that Ackermann and Gobert have dedicated to tracking down and photographing Lenin in places like storage units, dumpsters, car trunks, closets, fields, artist studios, and museums. Each image hides a unique story of the bureaucracy they hurdled and the estimated 6,000 miles traveled in Ukraine to discover what might turn out to be only Lenin’s beard, elbow, or nose. “It’s like an addiction,” says Swiss-born Ackermann of the chase.

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